Dear guests,


we, the Segel Sport Flensburg-Harrislee association, are an active water sports club with the main task of promoting sailing. In addition to youth development, this also includes the operation of our harbour.


Our harbour is also open to guests.


Please note that due to our harbour facilities, only boats less than 4m wide and/or max. 14m long can berth here. The draught should not exceed 2 metres, as the association cannot guarantee that there will be no grounding at low tide. It is possible to approach the illuminated jetty day and night. In any case, the northern course around the pier must be chosen to enter the harbour.


Day guests


There is usually always a free space for day guests. You can recognise free boxes by the green signs. Please pay the berth fee at the harbour office. This is manned daily during the season (except Tuesdays) from 8-10 am and 5-7 pm by our harbour master (Phone +49 461 72987). If you do not meet our harbour master and please use the envelopes provided at the bridge gate and pay the amount due in cash.


Many thanks and always have a safe journey


The executive committee of the association




Harbour information for guests


  • Electricity and water supply at the bridge
  • Clubhouse with kitchen, lounge, showers and toilets
  • Internet connection via hotspot in the entire harbour area
  • Shopping in Wassersleben (approx. 10 minutes on foot)
  • Bus to Flensburg (approx. 20 min.) - Bus Line #1
  • Bus stop "Wassersleben Kurhaus" directly at the harbour
  • Several restaurants near the harbour
  • Bathing beach 50 metres away
  • Minigolf and walking paths in the immediate vicinity
  • Kupfermühle industrial museum
  • Nature experience area "Schäferhaus"
  • Hiking routes


The illustration is courtesy of KartenWerft.






As there are frequent enquiries about membership of the association, we have put together some information. 

You can apply for youth membership, supporting membership or active membership. Applications for youth or supporting membership are usually processed promptly. No waiting times are required. The annual membership fee is €120.00 for youth membership and €50.00 for supporting membership

Applications for active membership will only be considered if the applicant has spent at least one season as a guest berth holder in our harbour. If the requirements are met, the executive committee of the association will decide whether the applicant should become an active member. Admission is granted by the general assembly.


If you have any questions or comments, please use our contact form.


Many thanks and always have a good trip.

The executive committee of the association